A Visit to Silva’s Saloon



Welcome to Silva’s Saloon, located in Bernalillo, NM, along the original Rt. 66, and the location of this month’s photo-shoot. The Spanish conquistador Don Diego de Vargas officially founded Bernalillo in 1695, but as a Spanish settlement near the Sandia Indian Pueblo it had been inhabited prior to that. In the 1620s, Franciscans introduced wine grapes to the fertile Rio Grande Valley and so Central New Mexico’s love of libations began.

In 1933 Felix Silva went “legit” and crossed over from being a moonshiner and bootlegger to the owner of Silva’s Saloon. Prohibition had seen it last hurrah and the time was ripe for opening what would, 84 years later, be the site of one of the states most iconic bars and location for many Hollywood film scenes.

To shop the look from Silva’s, please click here!

 For more information on the history of Silva’s, visit: http://bit.ly/2DEWEfm


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